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     "Let us be grateful for 'Tiger Tiger Burning Bright'...honest, compassionate...Although Peter Feibleman's play...is about Negroes in New Orleans, in a deeper sense it is about the human condition.  There is no preachment or propaganda.  Nor is there a cry from the heart that the trails and sorrows of this family are especially Negro...they are not fighting against ancient prejudices and restrictions.  They are wrestling with problems that could scorch the lives of any family hard put to make a living and to grow up with a sense of dignity...Mr. Feibleman has woven a drama that builds with power."
-Howard Taubman, New York Times

     "Scenes of searing and unforgettable force."
-Richard Watts Jr., New York Post

     "Taut, arresting...a good drama with a wallop."
-John Chapman, New York Daily News

     "The writing has vigor and candor."
-Walter Kerr, New York Herald Tribune

     "'Tiger Tiger Burning Bright' with it's turbulent tenderness and great dramatic power is one of the most memorable plays I have ever seen...I was so struck by the poetry of many of the passages of 'Tiger Tiger' I had it recorded for my own enjoyment."
-Carson McCullers

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