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Death Of DanaŘs & Eyes

From Strangers And Graves


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     "...remarkable new book, is filled with extraordinary power"
-Dorothy Parker

     "These four novelettes are in his best vein.  Set in New Orleans and Spain, they tend to deal with macabre characters and highly Freudian (or incestuous) themes, and they share a sensitivity and an irony which carries them off beautifully."
-Maxwell Geismar

     "He has something of Chekhov's gift for illuminating the misfit situations in life"
-Elizabeth Janeway

     "Beautifully crafted pieces of writing."
-Robert Alter, Book Week

     "Can be greeted with unreserved praise...The final story, 'Eyes', is a masterpiece."
-Maurice Dolbier, N.Y. World Journal-Tribune

     "There are a number of better-known writers who have never in their lives done anything half so good as 'Strangers And Graves'."
-Wilfred Sheed, Life

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