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     "Peter Feibleman's new novel 'The Daughters Of Necessity' adds a hauntingly poetic quality to the elements of tenderness and truth manifested in his first novel, 'A Place Without Twilight'.  'Daughters Of Necessity firmly establishes Peter Feibleman's place among the most distinguished young novelists writing today."
-Carson McCullers

     "Brilliantly executed...a haunting novel about haunted people."
-Charles Poore, N.Y. Times

     "Here is immense cleanliness of purpose with compassion and freshness of a high order and obscurity that is never willful but the honest result of stretching as far as it is possible to touch gold.  And the gold is here, too, of a dozen varieties...'The Daughters of Necessity' is a brave, resonant, tragic, and burning book."
-Paul Darcy Boles, Saturday Review

     "This second novel will advance the high reputation already earned by Peter Feibleman for 'A Place Without Twilight'...Unquestionably, Feibleman is a writer of first rank, greatly gifted and dedicated, virile, subtle, intelligent and compassionate, keenly alert to externals but even more sensitive to that deep ebb and flow of a personal life which fiction can elucidate."
-Warren Beck, Chicago Tribune

     "Feibleman is a fine stylist...He sees people shrewdly, and can set down small scenes with great poignancy.  The episode that ends the book is a masterpiece."

     "'A Place Without Twilight' did not seem a tour de force.  Throughout the reader was more conscious of the fresh vividness of the material than of the young author's virtuosity.  His second novel, 'Daughters of Necessity' is equally intense and talented, but more mannered, more melodramatic, more plausible."
-Davis, N.Y. Times Book Review

     "Whiplash of events, stinging and marvelous colors, and sunken beauty of understanding are given to us in this astonishing novel."
- Muriel Rukeyser

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