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     "Mr. Feibleman writes with irony, compassion, the authority that comes from a long knowledge...and most importantly, with the imaginative gift of a true novelist."
-William Abrahams, Saturday Review

     "A novel in the truest and best sense of the word...the portrait of modern Spain Feibleman creates is so real one can almost feel the sun, and the taste of dust and sea...His Spaniards are more real than Hemingway's."
-Alfred Coppel, San Francisco Chronicle

     "Truly satisfying fiction...Rich and multi-dimensional, abounding with sensuous life...the range of social comment alone is extraordinary, and persuasive at every level...On top of that, it's a genuine novel for a change."
-Mark Schorer

    "The plotting is expert, it gets hold of you and your interest never flags...Anglo-Saxons with pen in hand have pretty much ignored the land of Franco since Ralph Bates, George Orwell and Ernest Hemingway of Civil War days.  Now comes Feibleman, long a resident in Spain, author of a couple of memorable novellas about Spain, giving us at last this full-length novel."
-W.G. Rogers, New York Post

     "A helluva will certainly be a big seller...It is also exceedingly well written."
-Margaret Manning, Boston Globe

     "An extraordinary novel...powerful, evocative, tender, tragic...written by a major novelist at the height of his powers...It is strong, lovely and sensuous...One could rave on.  But find out for yourself.   It is superb storytelling."
-Mildred Zaiman, Hartford Courant

    "The stuff that movie dreams are made of: a long thickly woven story unreeling in a romantic setting and fraught with tragedy, symbolism, sex in several varieties, and a huge cast of characters."
-Jean Dorheim, Milwaukee Journal

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